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GM8050B demodulation module


     GM8050B 12 channel optical fiber grating demodulator with fast tunable laser light source, wavelength tunable laser by changing the intensity of the reflected light scanning FBG sensor line, calculate the center wavelength of the FBG sensor, the sensor according to the wavelength response characteristic parameters calculated the detection point of the temperature, stress and other physical parameters. The performance of demodulation demodulation module is mainly decided by the light source, compared with the traditional scheme of fast tunable laser light source output laser power density, wavelength accuracy, wavelength repeatability, reproducibility, power output stability indexes have great advantages, do not need to increase the optical path of complex and auxiliary circuit can realize high precision demodulation GM8050B is a small optical fiber grating sensor demodulation module by a PC control channel, it can be used with random distribution software, PC machine, and the external device is composed of a Prague grating sensor demodulation system and high precision spectrum analysis system. The demodulation module can be applied to various types of grating sensor, grating sensor system according to the different temperature conditions for reaction, draw a clear and complete spectrum graphics, not only shows the offset of the center wavelength.

      GM8050B fiber Prague grating temperature sensor testing system and demodulation module of low cost, high performance, can be used for a variety of civil engineering applications and. The demodulation module is controlled by PC, which can measure high precision and large dynamic range of Prague grating sensor, and also has high precision spectral analysis ability.
      GM8050B adopts full sealed modular structure, which is easy to install and easy to integrate.

performance index



Optical Channel numbers

4channels/8channels /12channels,choosable

Build-in Laser Wavelength range

1527nm 1568nm

Build-in Laser Output Power

≥ +10dBm (Optional +13dBm

Channel Laser Output Power


Photo SensorDynamicRange

60 dB

Interrogating Wavelength resolution

0.1 pm

Interrogating speed (following mode)

≤20Hz  Single Sensor

Interrogating speed (constant mode)

≤ 2Hz

The real time output data

Wavelength andpeakofFBGsensor center

Trigger Signal Output Port

When the light source is scanned, the output pulse trigger signal can be controlled, and the multi-channel photoelectric conversion module with external expansion can be controlled to synchronously collect the FBG sensor signals

Optical Interface


Communication Interface


Power supply

DC +9~+40V

Storage temperature


Operating temperature


Overall Dimensions

200 x 120 x 65 mm