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GM82011P8-PC-V eight channel optical power meter



 Product specification













GM82011P8 channel optical power meter is an instrument controlled by PC for power measurement of all multi port passive devices. It can also test multiple single port devices at the same time. The instrument is mainly used for precision multi channel wave division multiplexing DWDM component test, multiplexer, PON splitter, wavelength selective switch (WSS), reconfigurable optical differential multiplexer ROADM, optical waveguide grating array element AWG and planar waveguide PLC components and modules, and other commonly used multi port optical measurement and optical fiber application. The system can extend the integrated tunable laser source, optical attenuator and polarization controller to form a high performance passive device and module automatic test system platform.




High precision, wide dynamic power range
The speed of data acquisition and transmission to computer is fast
Multi channel power meter simultaneous measurement function
Compact structure
Connect to the computer through the USB/ Ethernet interface





Measurements of PLC, AWG, WSS, ROADM multiport devices and modules
Application of fiber grating sensor
Measurement of polarization film dispersion PMD and polarization dependent loss PDL
It can be integrated into a passive optical fiber measurement system




Technical specification

Product model


Channel number

8 channel

Working wavelength

850 ~ 1700 nm

Power measurement range

+ 3 ~ -80 dBm

Average sampling time

0.001  mS ~ 1000 mS

dynamic range

PM range     -57 dBm

             -37 dBm

             -17 dBm

             +3  dBm


                 Typ.                    >23dB

                 Typ.                    >23dB

                 Typ.                    >23dB

                 Typ.                    >23dB

Noise(15000个data point)

PM range     -57 dBm

             -37 dBm

             -17 dBm

              +3  dBm

Average sampling time         1uS                        50uS

Typ..                  <0.05dB                 <0.03dB

Typ..                  <0.04dB                 <0.02dB

Typ..                  <0.03dB                 <0.01dB

Typ.                   <0.03dB                 <0.007dB

Application fiber type

Standard SM and MM up to 62.5 um core size

Absolute accuracy

+/- 4% (1200 nm ~ 1610 nm)

Relative accuracy

< 0.02 dB Typical

Power linearity

<= +/- 0.06 dB (1200 nm ~ 1610 nm, + 0~ -60 dBm)

Return loss

> 40 dB

working temperature

0 +40

Storage temperature


Calibration cycle

2 years

Power supply

100 - 240 v ac + 10%, 50 to 60 hz, 100's max.

Display interface

PC display interface

communication interface



<95% R.H. from 0°C to +45°C

Outline size

Standard 1.5U chassis


10.0 lbs



Application software interface




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