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Power Meter Modules

 Technical Specifications

201 3 . 7








GM83011 Power Meter Modules

    Optical power meter can measure the optical power value of the optical fiber transmitted by the optical fiber. The sampling period of Instruments GM83011 high speed optical power meter module can reach the uS level, and the data can be collected and processed more quickly.

    The power meter module uses USB communication interface, can directly communicate with the PC machine, through the configuration software display data and set parameters.

    GM83011 high speed optical power meter module can be used for high precision WDM DWDM optical waveguide grating array element, AWG element, planar optical waveguide PLC element, WSS, OPM, DPSK, EDFA and other common optical amplifier fiber optical measurement application.

    Compared to other types of Instruments UC power meter, GM83011 has the characteristics of high speed sampling, and small size, in particular, is suitable for assembly into a multi-channel optical power meter sampling system.


High accuracy
Wide dynamic power range
Fast startup
Varied power range and channel number options
Compact size
USB interface
Competitive price


WDM, GFF, AWG, PLC component tests

Insertion loss, return Loss investigations

Fiber sensor, fiber cable tests

PMD and PDL measurements

Fiber optical, telecom R&D lab tests





Model #


Sensor Element

single channel  InGaAs

Wavelength Range

850 ~ 1700 nm

Power Range

+ 7 ~ -80 dBm

Sampling period


Application Fiber Type

Standard single-mode and multimode fiber, fiber core core diameter of 62.5 um

Uncertainty (accuracy) at reference condition

+/- 4% (1200 nm ~ 1610 nm)

Relative Uncertainty (accuracy) at reference condition

< 0.02 dB Typical value

Linearity (power)

<= +/- 0.02 dB (1200 nm ~ 1610 nm, + 0~ -60 dBm)

Return Loss

> 40 dB

Recalibration Period

2 years

Input interface

Supporting fiber clamping insertion or FC/PC connector insertion

communication interface

USB  50mA

Operation Temperature

0 ~ +40

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ +80


63mm is high, 43 mm wide and 150 mm thick


3.5 kg



PC Software monitoring interface



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