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GM8040B optical attenuator

Date:2017-02-22 Click:5026

GM8040GM8040B Desktop 

Tunable Laser Source

Product regulation








       GM8040B Desktop Tunable Laser Source It is mainly used in the channel balance, power balance, gain slope and power adjustment of DWDM system, as well as optical measurement and application of AWG & PLC components,optical amplifiers and other general optical fibers.


GM8040B can provide continuous tunable and dynamic attenuation range of 0 ~ 60 dB. It has the characteristics of high performance, small size, fast start and affordable price. UC Instruments can provide small power, high power, single-channel and dual-channel optical attenuator modules for selection, and can provide customers with up to 16 channel host control schemes.




Continuous tuning, high measurement accuracy
Quick start
Small appearance, affordable price





CWDM, DWDM, filters, components, modules and system measurements
Optical fiber sensor scanning measurement
Inspection and measurement of optical fiber measuring instruments
Laboratory application
Optical amplifier measurement
Optical amplification balance











Wavelength range

1310 / 1490 /1550 /1625 nm

Attenuation range

0 ~ 60 dB

Insertion loss

<2.5 dB

Fiber type

9/125 um single mode

Connector type

FC/APC Connector

Attenuation precision

<= +/- 0.1 dB   typ (0 ~ 40 dB).


<= +/- 0.015 dB

Polarization dependent loss

<= 0.1 dB  (0 ~ 40 dB).

Polarization mode dispersion

5 fs

Return loss

> 40 dB

Calibration cycle

2 years

working temperature

0 +40

Storage temperature


Power supply

AC 100 - 240 V, 48 - 66 Hz

Product size

248 mm W, 110 mm H, 330 mm D


2 kg







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