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Optical fiber
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performance index

Product model


Number of optical channels

4 channels / 8 channels / 16 channels / 32 channels/40 channels/48 channels, optional

Wavelength range of built in tunable light source

1527nm ~ 1568nm

Output power of built in tunable light source

≥ +10dBm (Optional +13dBm

Output power per tunable light source


Dynamic range of reflected light detection

60 dB

Demodulation wavelength resolution

0.1 pm

line width

1 MHz

Demodulation speed (following mode)

 20Hz (Single sensor)

Demodulation speed (fixed mode)


Real time output data

Wavelength scanning reflected spectrum
The center wavelength and peak value of FBG sensor

Trigger signal output interface

When the light source is scanned, the output pulse trigger signal can be controlled, and the multi-channel photoelectric conversion module with external expansion can be controlled to synchronously collect the FBG sensor signals.

Optical channel interface

FC/APC adapter

communication interface


Power supply

DC 12V / 1A power module (select +7~36V power input)

Storage temperature

-10 ~ +80 

working temperature

-5 ~ +45 

Outline size

175 x 148 x 63mm (wide, high thickness, 4,8 channel), 200X150X100 (16 channel), 200X270X100 (24,32 channel)