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DACTS705C Diesel generator set controller

Date:2017-02-22 Click:5097

The DACTS705C module was designed to start and stop the diesel generator manually or automatically. The DACTS705Cmonitors the operating engine at real-time, shuts down the engine automatically for an engine failure. The user also has the facility to view the system operating parameters via the LCD display.


l  Four configurable inputs

l  Three configurable outputs

l  Failure shutdown protection function

l  Fully configurable via PC software

l  Front panel editor

l  LCD and LED alarm indication

l  Configurable timers and alarms

l  RS485 communication interface



DC supply

Continuous voltage rating: 8 to 36V DC

Alternator inputs

AC voltage: 0 - 450V (L-L); 0 – 280V (L-N)

AC current: 0 -5AAC

Generator frequency: 0 - 99HZ

Relay outputs

Start & Fuel :16A/ 30V DC at supply voltage

Configurable 1-3 : VCC/2ADC

Operating temperature:




Panel cut-out:197mm(W)X135mm(H)


The module provides engine and electrical metering facilities via the LCD display with the following instrumentation displays, accessed via the [down] push-button:

Generator volts three lines

Engine Speed RPM

Generator volts three phases

Coolant temperature

Load current L1,L2,L3

Oil temperature

Generator Active power

Oil Pressure

Generator Apparent power

Battery volts

Power factor

Charging voltage

Generator frequency Hz